Petra’s Planet brand expands with brand new app for kids – Bella’s Baking Blast

Petra’s Planet, an interesting international brand for kids, expands with a new mobile app, Bella’s Baking Blast, developed to bring young users a fun and interactive way to bake, cook, and enjoy virtual delectable treats and meals with friends.

“We are very proud to release yet an other product for Petra’s Planet product family: two weeks ago we released out digital and interactive children’s magazine, and now we introduce Bella, the brown bear from Samiland , in her own application. We hope that children and their parents continue to be as excited about both of these new products, just as they have been about Petra’s Planet virtual world.”, said Eevamaria Halttunen, Founder and Creator of Bella’s Baking Blast. “Now, there will be even more bonus ingredients, like love and rainbows, enabling users to earn more points for unlocking new recipes.”
On Bella’s Baking Blast, users join Bella the Bear in her kitchen to bake yummy dishes like cupcakes, pies, nachos, and dozens more. After this week’s update, the cooking options for excited and eager young app downloaders have tripled.
Bella’s Baking blast is available on Google Play.

Finnish publishing company, Dramaforum, creates products that inspire children’s natural curiosity as they discover the wonders of the world. Petra’s Planet draws on the Nordic approach to children’s learning by combining fun quality content, cultural and environmental awareness, and global citizenship. The company delivers a host of Petra’s Planet products and experiences, including Petra’s virtual world – which has over 2 million subscribers worldwide. Through Petra’s Planet play experiences, children learn about the richness and diversity of our planet and are empowered to become active global citizens. By learning about new cultures and countries, we foster compassion towards people and respect for the natural world. Dramaforum adheres to the highest standards of online safety for children.

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