Fostering compassion and respect through online play

We all know that play is crucial to childhood development; and that children learn valuable life skills through play, every day. Several years ago, I was in the electronic games section of a local shop. My children had become interested in the world of games, and I wanted to buy a high quality, fun, and educational product. Electronic games have great potential to help children to develop valuable life skills; problem-solving, literacy and numeracy, and awareness of – and empathy with – other cultures and their natural environment. The only problem was that I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the shop.

So I went to another shop. And another. I had already written children’s books about Petra and it got me thinking: how could I help children to have valuable experiences online? If kids spend hours every week playing games, wasn’t there an opportunity to help them to acquire new skills and knowledge, and grow into educated global citizens? And so Petra’s Planet was born. I established Dramaforum and, with our fantastic team, we created a fun and safe virtual world where children can learn about other cultures and explore the world. Helping children to discover the world is one of the most valuable experiences we can share. By learning about new cultures and countries, we foster compassion towards people and respect for the natural world. Today, over 2 million children interact with Petra and her friends in Petra’s Planet.

In July 2016, we launched Petra’s interactive e-magazine. Drawing on the Nordic approach to children’s learning, we have combined fun, quality content, cultural and environmental awareness, and global citizenship. With each issue, we take children on a journey to a new culture. The monthly e-magazine comes with a printable passport for children to update and downloadable activities including creative projects, interactive puzzles, news and reviews, and quizzes. We cherish the natural curiosity of children, and it’s the driving force behind Dramaforum. We make learning fun and we help children to Stay Curious©